Son Nguyen

I am Son Nguyen, I am not a writer. But sometimes,  I still want to write something. When I was younger, I liked writing poetry.  Poetry is good for my soul, but It make my life is too far the real life.  So now, I will take my free time to write about technologies that I collected in my working experiences. And also It is good way to help the knowledge stay with me for longer time. If more fortunately, my articles also are helpful with you.

LINUX, VIM – my first love. When I had just graduated from university, I worked in a telecommunication company. In there,  I had to use Linux and Vim to develop products. The difficulty in the first time working with linux command line, Vim editor, along with dark background and color text make me love it – the first love, always beautiful, forever and one.

PHP – my close friends. I know PHP during the time I still was on university chair.  I used PHP to build the first websites. I studied so much from the experiences.  A year later, I met WordPress. From there, code is poetry.

AngularJS, Phonegap – my good partner.  What will you do if you are a web developer, but you want to build a mobile application? With me, I chose AngularJS and Phonegap. Actually, I feel comfortable with my choice. AngularJS is perfect and smart, I really like it.

GIT – my close colleague. Might be you know SVN, you know how to a source version control works, you know source branch, merge,  … You thought SVN is enough for your project? But Git is really better than a source version control. It is social network for developer, it makes you are able to think bigger and bigger. I love Git because the way GIT thinks.

Actually, some articles that I wrote in my blog is quite negligent. But I will try to make it better day by day.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Son Nguyen