Upload images using AngularJS and NodeJS

This post will show you how to upload images using AngularJS and NodeJS.  In the client-size (AngularJS), we use ngFileUpload plugin. And in the server-side, we use ExpressJS 4.0.

At the first, we create a upload file service in the client-side:

And In your Angular Controller, you inject Files service and write the upload function as below:

In the server side, you need to create a upload API. And the post “How to upload file with NodeJS and ExpressJS” will help you do that

How to upload files with NodeJS and ExpressJS 4

It is quite long time, I have no new post.  Today, I will show you the way to upload files by using NodeJS.  In my way, I used connect-busboy packet and ExpressJS 4.0.


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At the first, create the directory tree as below:

See app.js:

See index.js file:

See upload.js file:

Now, you can run upload file application:

And if you want to view the uploaded images, you should use the source code below in app.js: