Compress/Split/Concat MP4 with AVCONV

This post just save some command that I used to edit my video. Hope it is helpful with you.

Compress MP4 with H264:

Split Video by time frame:

Concat/Join two video files:

Export video to PNG files

Create GIF from PNG files (ImageMagick):



Convert WMV to MP4 in Ubuntu

Sometime, I use EZVID to create a video. The size of the file created by EZVID usually is bigger than my expectation. So I have to use avconv command to convert that video.

To install avconv in Ubuntu Server, we use command:

To convert the file, we use the command below:


Convert GIF to MP4 in Ubuntu

To convert GIF file to MP4, we need implement two steps. The first step is convert git frames to png files. With this step, you need use ImageMagick. So you need make sure that your machine was installed ImaegMagick. The second step is convert the PNG file to MP4. We use AVCONV(ffmpeg) for this step. For further details, please take look to the steps below.

Convert GIF to MP4 in Ubuntu

Install ImageMagick (In Ubuntu)

Install AVCONV (ffmpeg)

Convert GIF frames to PNG images

Compress multi png images to video MP4