Install Jasig CAS in ubuntu 14.04

To install CAS, your machine has to have Tomcat. In ubuntu 14.04, you will easily install Tomcat 7 with command apt-get. It is quite simple, just concern about ssl connection



The first step, install tomcat7 by command:

Next step, you install https for Tomcat. To do that, you need to generate key by using keytool:

Change tomcat config file:

Add content below to server.xml:

Download Jasig Cas 4.0:

Copy war file to Tomcat Web Root:

So now, restart tomcat:

Forward port 443 to port 8443:


Login CAS with default account: casuser/Mellon

Or you can add new account by editing file: /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/cas-server-webapp-4.0.0/WEB-INF/deployerConfigContext.xml

Troubleshooting your installation: