Install Consul and Consul Template in Ubuntu 14.04

As you know, Consul and Consul-Template are great tools to help you manage nodes, services and configuration files. This post will show you the way how to install Consul and Consul Template in Ubuntu 14.04.

To download a release of Consul and Consul-Template, please see the link:


At the first, down load a Consul’s release:

And extract the archive:

And move to bin directory to use Consul anywhere

The next step, download Consul UI:

Extracting the archive to directory /opt/consul-ui:

Creating configuration directory for Consul:

Now, you can try to run Consul (with -server option) by command:

For now, you can access http://YOUR_IP:8500 to see Consul UI


Download and Unzip Consul-Template:

Run Consul-Template:

That’s all.