Apache Thrift Hello World with PHP and Python Part 2

In the previous post – Apache Thrift Hello World with PHP and Python Part 1, I wrote how to code server python with Apache Thrift. And, the second part, and it is the last one as well, I will show you the way how to writing the client with Laravel 4.2

You could clone full source from here: https://github.com/thanhson1085/thrift-laravel

Please download the source code before reading next steps.


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Step 1: Add Apache Thrift client libraries to Laravel

Create directory: app/libs

Add put all external libraries to that directory.

Includes libraries to Laravel autoload by adding the lib path to composer.json file:

And run composer update :

Step 2: Add a route

Add routes (app/routes.php):

Step 3: Create Hello Controller

Laravel HelloController (HelloController.php):

With source code above, You can see that thrift client will be connect to server at port 9093, localhost, and timeout is 3600 seconds.

Step 4: Run a Test

Run Thrift Server (refer to part 1):

Run client request: